Where is Social Media Headed? 2018 Trends to Watch for

Where is Social Media Headed? 2018 Trends to Watch for

As social media platforms continue to evolve so is social media marketing. Social media and marketing trends are changing rapidly. While it offers newer opportunities to brands to better connect with their target audience, staying on top of this blistering speed of change is a major challenge – but it is not going to get easier.

Businesses will have to determine how to create their unique value proposition in order to fuel growth. And a good place to start will be to get a sneak peek at some of the key social trends that are likely to unfold in the coming years before you fine tune your strategic digital marketing plan for 2018. Top 3 trends that you should watch out for.

Content will retain its leadership position

Yes, content marketing revenues are estimated to go significantly higher. But the nature of content is changing. Video content has gained tremendous popularity and video sharing is growing in number. 74% of internet usage is covered by video. Snapchat is driving traffic through 10 billion videos per day, while 500 million users view 8 billion videos per day on Facebook live.

With videos people tend to relate and respond at a deeper level if you have a story or message that resonates with your users. Visually rich content encourages followers to engage with your brand more actively. Going by the number, this trend is only likely to soar higher.

Personalization will get kicked up a notch

61% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that creates custom and individualized content, while 88% of content marketing professionals are going to adopt personalization techniques within their marketing plans.
Personalization and brand experience will be drawn to extremes – with brands using sophisticated data management and mining tools to offer exactly what customers need. We will also see brands engaging consumers to be their brand advocates and endorse them in their social space. This means consumers will be getting deeply involved through social networks.

Social commerce will deepen its roots

31% of online shoppers use social media to browse and look for new items to purchase. Every social network site including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and Instagram offer ways to purchase products directly from their app. Social commerce is a rapidly growing trend, given the unprecedented use of social media and constant evolution of e-commerce models. In fact, 52% of marketers are planning to invest in social commerce given its increasing popularity.

In addition to this, emerging payment apps like Venmo to support social commerce, allows consumers to make payments and transact easily and quickly. These services are quickly adopted by millennials, thus fueling social commerce.

These are some of the key trends, stay tuned, as we will be sharing more trends to give you a more comprehensive picture.

Having said that, social media is an unpredictable terrain and you should be prepared for anything. And if you are still wondering what to include in your marketing strategy, don’t worry, talk to us and we will guide you through.

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