Looking for ways to boost social media engagement?

Looking for ways to boost social media engagement?

With over 2.5 billion global social media users (which effectively means 37% penetration), we bet every business today is active on social media. There is no doubt that social media has taken direct marketing several notches up, allowing businesses to connect on a more personal level with their target audience. However, social media marketing is way more than simply posting content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

While constant updates may garner few or many likes, it may not necessarily engage users. In short, if you can’t get your target audience excited about your content and ultimately convert them as potential buyers you won’t see any social media ROI. That means, engaging audience is key to capitalizing on this opportunity and effective content marketing lies at the core of this, that help trigger sales. So, let’s look at four surefire ways to enhance social media engagement.

Monitor and listen to social conversations

If you want your audience involved you need to stop shooting in the dark and gain social intelligence to build compelling content. Unless you have your finger on the pulse, it is difficult to devise ways to engage your audience fully. Social monitoring allows you to not only listen to what your consumers have to say or how they perceive your brand, but also get a sense of business-specific social trends and your competitors positioning.

Social monitoring and insights can not only aid in successful marketing but also power customer relationship through timely and effective social customer care. In fact, brand crisis management through social media is rapidly gaining popularity given its potential in strengthening customer engagement.

Make it as visual as possible

It’s the age of social visual marketing and we are drawn to visual content than ever before. 82% of marketers say images are essential to social media content optimization, while 52% believe video content delivers optimum ROI. The power of visual content is also evident from the meteoric rise of visual social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat. In addition to this, according to a report visual content can result in increased rate of interactions and retweets by 85% and 35% on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

So, wear your creative hat and throw in stunning, attractive images or videos to support your content and make your story interesting, one that your audience would read and share. Check out one of the brands that has mastered the art of visual content – Tasty by Buzzfeed.

Run contests to get your audience to participate

Social contests are a great way to engage your audience, they are affordable and measurable social marketing strategies that boost sales, business and brand image. Social contests usually include simple sweepstakes or giveaways or they could be the rich variety such as photo or video contest that you can post along with certain hashtags. Games trigger excitement making your audience not just participate but also share.

But remember, it is a crowded marketplace so you need to devise games or quizzes that are fun, relevant to your brand positioning and tailored to your market.

Plan, schedule and post social media content

Social engagement as we all know is not a one-time effort or even random for that matter. You’ve got to be diligent with your social media posts to create a buzz. While social media marketing is all rage, it can be really challenging to share amazing content in real-time or at the right moment. And that is where planning and scheduling comes in handy, saving time and stress. Plan your calendar, create content and schedule as many engaging posts as you wish to. This practice makes your life easy and helps streamline your social media content management, while ensuring you are in the moment to engage your audience.

These are but a few effective ways to give your social media marketing a boost. The most important thing here to remember is that, social media is about your audience, so do not just focus on promoting yourself and your brand. Empathize and share useful, fun and emotional content that echoes with your users, that in turn can help you amplify your reach and build trust.

Leave a comment and let us know how you are creating deeper connection with your social audience. Or connect with us to find out how we can support you in nurturing deeper and lasting social relationships.

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