How effective is Facebook in driving web traffic to your small business?

How effective is Facebook in driving web traffic to your small business?

With 1.71 billion of the world’s population active per month on Facebook, there’s no denying that regardless of your size of business, your target audience is out there on the social networking giant.  Yet, over 25% of small business owners rate Facebook as ‘not effective’ for driving organic i.e. unpaid traffic to their website/other web properties. If you are one of these, chances are you could be making some dire Facebook marketing mistakes. Check out how to steer clear & promote your small business right.

#1 Don’t cast a big net – focus on your niche

The hard-sell mentality isn’t for social media. Instead of promoting your small business to everyone out there & running down your brand image, focus on genuine fans & nurture them right. To attract the right eyeballs, share relevant, customer-centric content that is less promotional & more informational. If your brand is too promotional, you may run the risk of converting ‘likes’ into ‘dislikes’ – a Facebook feature now available also on the Messenger.

#2 Don’t play it safe – innovate and experiment

There’s no dearth of small businesses looking to maximize their revenues from Facebook marketing. Cutting through the noise will require your brand to venture out of your comfort zone and dare to experiment – with messages, tone of voice, images, videos, frequency, etc. Only through experimentation you will know what engages your audience better, what kind of content/videos go viral, and what separates a great campaign from an average one. Another important piece of advice – don’t shy away from promoting your Facebook page on other social media platforms such as YouTube, Google+, Twitter, blogs, etc.

#3 Don’t neglect the importance of company culture

Nowadays, customers want to increasingly interact with brands that reveal their humane side – nobody wants to waste time on a robot that keeps parroting its own sales pitch all the time. Capitalize on this growing trend by posting videos and photos of fun at work, employees collaborating, social initiatives undertaken by your company, etc.  Consistently reveal your brand’s personality on Facebook to deepen customer connect and see it change your organic traffic volumes drastically. Not just that, as a small business, this move will also help you attract and retain talent better and more cost-effectively.

#4 Don’t limit your tools to just ‘what is available’ – look externally

There are a variety of free (and paid) third party applications that can be easily integrated into your Facebook business page to offer interesting features and up our marketing game. For instance, HootSuite is a favorite among small businesses as the social media scheduling tool helps manage posting & monitoring on a variety of social media networks, enabling small businesses to operate well even with a lean marketing team. Likewise, AgoraPulse helps up the engagement quotient on your Facebook page by scheduling quizzes, surveys, contests, etc.

#5 Don’t go it alone – participate in Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a haven for small businesses looking to do social listening right and attracting the right kind of audience. By participating in relevant groups, you not only get to hear and monitor social conversations around your brand, industry, or trends, but every comment you make in a group, goes a long way to promote your Facebook business page.  Again, refrain from getting promotional when interacting with other group members – so no ‘please like my Facebook page’ kind of messages. Instead, take the time to genuinely read & post your opinions about the discussions going on in the groups.

At Dynamic Profiling, we help clients maximize their Facebook marketing ROI by leveraging social listening, monitoring, and analytics. Contact us to know how we can help you transform your Facebook presence for superior outcomes.

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