Social Media Management Services
for Brands and Agencies.

Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Listen and monitor social media conversations that are significant to both protect and grow your business and brand across a range of social channels and online communities.

Channel Analytics & Social Media Audit

Measures the social channel effectiveness and offer an in-depth analysis into your audience and content to understand strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your social marketing strategy.

Community Management

Our Community Management services offers social media management services to plan, build and maintain an active social media presence. We track community interactions to connect and engage with the customers.

Influencer Management

Identify, track and engage pertinent influencers with relevant subject expertise and authority to enhance your social media outreach. Individual Profiling with current and comprehensive information about a potential business partner.

Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Social media is an excellent medium to build a community around your product or service, expand your target market, and to listen to what your customers want.

With our real-time social listening services, brands can effectively serve consumers, analyze the sentiments, find business prospects, address brand related issues, gain reputation insights and engage with influencers. We help in track and monitor your company reputation by exploring what people are saying about your business across a gamut of social channels and online communities.

How social listening can help your brand?

With a team of social media specialists, we offer tailor-made social listening services to your brand’s needs across social networks. Our plethora of social monitoring and listening service offerings  include:

  • Brand intelligence

Independent 360° brand overview and competitors’ performance including sentiment index, creative review, trends analysis, reputation analysis and social media insights to revitalize your brand’s social strategy and enhance your brand’s competitiveness.

  • Industry insights scorecard

Scorecard provides an overview of market intelligence and industry performance indicators (IPIs) that are crucial to reach the business objectives.

  • Campaign monitoring

Business organizations conduct robust and impactful marketing campaigns for interacting with customers and to voice their plans. Monitor and measure your own social media campaigns, and evaluate your marketing and ROI effectiveness factor.

  • Crisis and disaster management

Measure consumer sentiment in crisis period to provide the most important decision in the right time to mitigate the brand’s negative reputation.

What Makes us Unique

  • Seamlessly integrated social media listening and market intelligence service offerings in real-time to provide dynamic updates.
  • Comprehensive cutting edge “social listening” service developed by our team of experienced social media and media monitoring experts.
  • We unite the key resources of people, processes, and technology so we can deliver rich, relevant data, allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Dedicated internal database housing a trove of information, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a complete suite of strategic consulting and reporting services.
To find out how we can help your business

Channel Analytics & Social Media Audit

Cross-channel Analytics integrates social media and information to provide a holistic overview of your customer’s experience which enables organizations to measure the channel effectiveness and to offer an in-depth insights into your audience and content.

While creating a social media strategy, the most critical component is to review your social landscape through social media audit where you find your customers, competitors and industry thought leaders on various social channels.

With a panoply of social channels out in the market, we help in keeping track of what people are saying, and implementing best strategies to engage those consumers to influence the conversation.

Through Dynamic ProfilingTM, we listen to your audience across various social channels, analyze the data and, finally, offer social media business intelligence to know your customers better and improve your marketing strategy.

How channel analytics can help your brand?

We monitor across all the social channels that matter to you and get the data and analytics you would require to   analyze and improve your social strategy. Our list of service offerings include:

  • Channel Analytics – In-depth analytics across social media channels including twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and others. Choosing the best channels where you want your brand to be present on, connect through cross-medial approach, allocate necessary resources and define clear goals per channel.
  • Competitor Channel Benchmarking – Identifying and analyze across competitors’ channels to understand strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your social marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Audit – Our social media experts offer an in-depth analysis of your brands presence across the social networks including:
    • Social Media Footprint  A complete review and analysis of your current social media platforms, engagement, tone, strategies and tactics. We offer customizable reports offering in-depth social analysis summarizing findings, actionable recommendations including opportunities for optimization.
    • Social Media Activation – Identifying the most appropriate social networks where you should participate and people could be talking about you.
    • Trend Analysis – Monitor and identify new trends within your industry through tracking what people are talking about and what they want.
    • Social Strategy – Refine social strategy based on top performing channels and posts. And also discovering best practices for content on each social channel.

Community Management

Once you create your social profiles and develop a schedule to post to your networks, you should actively engage with your audience. This is where we can pace in to help you.

We offer customizable social media management services through BOMT (Build – Operate – Transfer) model to connect and engage with the potential customers and meet your brands objectives.

Our team encourages progressive participation in your community and social networks to find the right people to target and engage with. The social media management service offerings include:

Social Profile Creation

We will create and operate your social media profiles to attract visitors within the online community and leverage the two-way conversations.

Organic Fan Growth

We develop a solid base of new fans and also reach out to older or inactive participants to bring them back into the fold that will cause a drastic increase in your engagement and overall results.

Content Creation & Strategy

Great content is essential to connect within the community. We understand your brand’s tone of voice, social media presence, marketing plans, and targeted demographics to define a content strategy with the right content to keep your brand’s community.

Social Listening

Finding the conversations happening around your brand and industry in various social media platforms, blogs, forums, news by using social listening tools.


Schedule posting to keep your company at top of mind with your audience and to find the gaps in your social content calendar. And also, if you encounter any crises during the day, we also make sure that you aren’t publishing your own posts and hold the post temporarily until the crisis is over.

Community Engagement

We keep influencers and potential customers engaged, welcoming new audience members into the communities, and expanding the brand’s visibility through guest posts and opportunities like Twitter chats.

Brand Advocacy

Identifying true brand advocates to introduce your products to their networks producing business intelligence that can lead to new revenue streams more efficiently.

Social Media Policy

We help in framing your corporate social media policy in line with the company’s business objectives.

Influencer Management

In this online generation, customers treat third party recommendations as genuine rather than the brand itself. A key influencer leader (KIL) is a common friend/contact who connects your brand with the target customers. Influencer helps in driving traffic to your website and offer social media publicity.

 “The influence of each human being on others in this life is a kind of immortality.”

-Winston Churchill

Identify influencers who are relevant to your brand or product and turn them into brand advocates or representatives.

Dynamic ProfilingTM identifies pertinent influencers that are seen as trustworthy, held in high esteem, and who can influence others such as celebrities, opinion leaders and experts, and influential consumers.

Why Social Media Influencer?

  • Customers interact with the brands that are authentic. Consumers get more engaged in social media when the company involve influencer to share experience about its brand/ product/service.
  • Influencer discussing about your brand experience is crucial. 88% of consumer consider social media on-line reviews as “very influential” to make a purchase decision.
  • Influencer marketing is about building strong relationships. 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective.
  • 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations from other people even someone they don’t know (according to Nielsen).
  • Retaining a customer is cheaper than acquire one through paid advertising. 37% better customer retention is acquired through social media word of mouth.
  • Developing influencer persona is an effective way for the marketers to reach the right influencer.
How influencer profiling can help your brand?

These days, influencers are connected globally and are active in the social sphere with a large, engaged followers to share their ideas, perceptions, sentiment, and intelligence information typically around a certain topic. Our influencer profiling services helps your brand to

  • Influencer Tracking Discover key Influencers and identify discussion themes in both media and social channels and targeting top influencers and websites.
  • Measure sphere of influences by conducting “Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive” analysis
  • Profile influencers based on location, subject relevance, reach, and social resonance.
  • Build a database of KILs from various sources such as online journals, social media platforms publications, internal database, and other web sources.
  • Sort the ranks of KILs in order of influence as per an exhaustive attribute rating.
Key Application Areas

After thorough market analysis and research we have identified some of the key application areas.

Brand Advocacy

Build associations across stakeholder groups to actively outline their opinion and help the companies to influence their associated networks.

Events & Training Programs

Engage KILs to join & team up with key industry experts, stakeholders, and other influencers.

Product Life Cycle Support

Work as emissaries to facilitate the needs across various stages of product development lifecycle from ideation to waning phase.


Assists in fostering business relationships, building trust with potential business networks, and enabling pitch roadmap for sales & marketing executives.

Talent Acquisition

Engage in screening & hiring the talent pool through social community engagement.

Individual Profiling

We offer profiles of key individuals who are significant to your business. The individual profiling enables you to quickly construct a clear picture of a person you’ve never met, and helps you decide whether or not to take the next step.

We quickly gather extensive information about a potential business partner or any individual for the talent acquisition and sales teams. Our profiles capture:

  • Demographics – age, marital status, number of children, type of home, city of home, income, and education
  • Psychographics – personality traits, values, hobbies, interests, and personal goals
  • Career Path – credentials, certifications, continuing education, top skills, work history, affiliations, achievements, and professional objectives

If you are looking to increase your organization profitability and has identified any key individual within this process.

About us

We are Enerji, a multinational business group with a passion for the world of content, data and design. Located across three continents, the group is built on the power of harnessing relationships. Our brands have gained coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Black Book of Outsourcing, all owing to our focus and emphasis on the one unique differentiator, human capital. The group also runs The Energy Projekt, a non-profit initiative to facilitate and nurture passion.

Springbord is a pioneer in business information services industry, offering services to airline, real estate, financial, information publishing and e-commerce industry verticals.

Dynamic profiling is a comprehensive service offering by Springbord into realm of Social Media Listening, Monitoring & Management.

The Revolutionary Business Breakthrough You’ve Been Looking For

Dynamic ProfilingTM opens a new world to creative business leaders who recognize the power and potential of this exciting services. Stake your claim in this new world today so that as your market evolves, your business can offer timely, relevant, and insightful responses that bring your business growth and recognition as a market leader.

We’ve invested years building and refining our robust web-search processes, Big Data tools, and reporting designs. We make it available to businesses like yours so you can reach your goals efficiently. We’ve observed how our creative application of services can boost the success of small and large companies, and we want you to experience our advantage.

What Makes us Unique – The power to blend market and social intelligence

We unite the key resources of people, processes, and technology so we can deliver rich, relevant data, allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible. Our enhanced capabilities allow us to integrate market intelligence data with social media information. As a result, our customers have prolific insights and holistic perspectives about the people who are most closely tied to their business objectives.